Press och Media

Do you want to advertise on this blogsite or do you have any tech product you want me to test and write about or any good tech tip you want to share? Please contact me on my contactform or directly to my email:

These are the AD spots for hire:
– Between posts, 350px X 350px, for 30 days
– Right sidebar on main page, 460 X 480 px, for 30 days
– Right sidebar on selected post, 460 X 480 px, for 30 days
– Above site header – appr width 980 pixels or more, for 30 days

There are also sponsored posts where I will write (or if you have text+images) a test of a product together with images and links.

Those posts will be marked as – This is an advertisement from NNNN. There are no limits on exposure of those posts. There are some rules of text content and link destinations.

To get more information or to order some spots please contact me.